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A new ransomware that pretends to be from a fake organization called the Central Security Treatment Organization has been discovered.
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There is a new email going around that appears to be from Microsoft and is claiming to be an email account verification message.
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Until recently, Apple users have felt relatively safe from malware. That is no longer the case.
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New Scam in Your Inbox

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This morning I had not one, but THREE emails telling me to review the attached invoice from Microsoft and remit payment.You want to be a good citizen and pay money if you owe it.  And with all of the changes lately in the IT world with the cloud and Office 365 there might be a chance that you pay for a subscription.  However, the same warning you always hear from your IT folks applies:  NEVER open emails or attachments (even if it's just a Microsoft Word document) from someone you...
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Should You Upgrade to Windows 10 Now?

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So the Windows 10 free upgrade has been available now for 7 months, plenty of time for any bugs to be worked out right? Is it now time to upgrade?
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