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Malwarebytes quarterly report says that cyber attacks on consumers in Q1 2019 was down nearly 40 percent, but attacks on businesses went up 235 percent. Small businesses in particular suffer in this area due to lack of resources.
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Level 3 Nationwide Outage

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Level 3 had a nationwide outage yesterday that disrupted service for many customers and dependent carriers.
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There is a new email going around that appears to be from Microsoft and is claiming to be an email account verification message.
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New Scam in Your Inbox

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This morning I had not one, but THREE emails telling me to review the attached invoice from Microsoft and remit payment.You want to be a good citizen and pay money if you owe it.  And with all of the changes lately in the IT world with the cloud and Office 365 there might be a chance that you pay for a subscription.  However, the same warning you always hear from your IT folks applies:  NEVER open emails or attachments (even if it's just a Microsoft Word document) from someone you...
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Should You Upgrade to Windows 10 Now?

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So the Windows 10 free upgrade has been available now for 7 months, plenty of time for any bugs to be worked out right? Is it now time to upgrade?
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