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About Us


In 1995 the Internet was new and fresh.  John K. started Southwest Cyber Systems to help other companies use websites and infrastructure to maximize the capabilities of the Internet.  When he realized that not everyone grasped the full scope of his vision, often deferring to a "cousin who could do website stuff", he changed the focus of Southwest Cyber to providing small corporate infrastructure support.

The years passed by and in 2005 virtualization was gaining acceptance as an option to deploying multiple physical servers.  Almost immediately, the potential of virtualization captivated John.  This was the beginnings of what we know today as “The Cloud”.  Southwest Cyber was replicating whole virtual machines within a year or two of its introduction for disaster recovery.  This technology made enterprise level disaster recovery available to small businesses.  We also developed partnerships with industry leaders such as Cisco, Barracuda and vmWare in order to continue to bring cutting edge technology to our small and midsize clients.

Building on cloud disaster recovery, we have focused in the last few years on growing our cloud services, expanding geographically into Dallas and Las Vegas for diversity.  In addition to our traditional network and IT support services, we also offer hosted Exchange and disaster recovery services in the form of server replication and cloud backup solutions.


“We consider John, Blaine, Chelsea and the other IT technicians as part of the TOMAGWA family.
They’ve helped us so much of the years we have known them.”

Robert A. Bernardini
Facility Manager,
TOMAGWA HealthCare Ministries